ตำบลเสาธงชัย อำเภอกันทรลักษณ์ จังหวัดศรีสะเกษ

In order to Reclaim Our Norm(al), this project proposed to RECALIBRATE socio-cultural, economic, environmental, spatial and physical factors through urban planning and design processes to create synergy that resets our norm towards a desired future—inclusive community. The Specific Plan for Khao Phra Wihan Border Town project, covering over urbanized areas of Tambon Sao Thong Chai (a subdistrict in Kantharalak District in Si Sa Ket), aims to intervene the town’s current state of uncertainties caused by Thailand–Cambodia border dispute. The border dispute involving the World Heritage Site, ancient Khmer Temple of Preah Vihear, has disrupted the tourism economy and livelihood of the nearby towns. Moreover, Si Sa Ket Province has large proportions of elderly and disabled population (over 16% are elders and 3% are disables who are the victims of past Thailand–Cambodia military conflicts). The Specific Plan and development projects utilize local resources–water bodies and streams, agro-cultural landscape, social structure, and public lands–to eliminate barriers and recreate quality places where disables, elders, visitors, and the locals can collectively experience. The recalibrated normal of this border town will be inclusive and self-sufficient evolving along the planned development stages which will be implemented with local cooperative efforts.

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